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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

About Qazi!

Qazi and his niece 

Here is a little conversation that we had with Qazi. Read what he has to say about himself:

"Born and brought up in New Delhi India, I got my first camera when I was in the eighth grade. It was a very very simple point n shoot called HotShot, the name is Then the story of messing up the film rolls started - what some saw, what I saw was a process of slow learning or learning from experience and the hunger to be more precise to tell people what I thought through my pictures grew, to tell a story or if the viewer gives a second look, my mission is accomplished. But somewhere along the way I got side tracked but Memphis gave me back the vision of telling a story, a feeling, a state of mind."

Come meet and greet with Qazi this Sunday at Art Speak! 5 pm - 7 pm.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Art Speak Presents the ART of Photography - Qazi Ahmad

Art Speak Memphis Presents Photographer Qazi Ahmad, Sunday, April 18, 2010.

Doors Open at 5 pm.

FREE Admission.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Art Speak presents the ART of Language

Sunday, March 21

Art Village Gallery
410 South Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

Doors open at 5 p

Program begins at 5:30 p


Just be.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art Speak Memphis presents Phatmak - March 21

A passionate, honest, and talented man acquiring knowledge, Darius "Phatmak" Clayton uses the ink pen as a stress reliever. Clayton was raised in the inner city of Memphis, Tennessee and was introduced to the art of poetry at the age of 15.

His "dive-in head first, sink or swim" mentality provided him with many sobering experiences in his lifetime which reflected in his poetry a sense of relatable truth and experience driven wisdom, creating a first person experience for listeners and readers. He gives captivating live performances mixing theatric delivery, soul music ballads through conversational tones and in your face soul drenching messages.

We welcome you with open arms to show Art Speak the "art" of language!

The ART of Spoken Word

Spoken word is best described as the art of verbal language. Words are manipulated together with a beat and soul that includes plays on phrases and tones.

Art Speak Memphis is ready....for story telling time.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday, March 7 - Feedback & Photos

This past Sunday was quite the experience for Art Speak Memphis! The artists work was well recieved and their stories were inspirational. I am very proud of Memphis for coming out and supporting two very talented artist here in Memphis!

As an added bonus, the works of each artist will remain on display at the Art Village Gallery through out the month of March! So if you were unable to make it this past Sunday but would love to see such talent, please stop by 410 South Main Street, Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am - 5 pm to view it.

Congrats John and Mark (only if the public knew about the walls that your work is displayed on!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FEATURED ARTISTS: MARCH 7 .... Mark Streeter & John Hood-Taylor

Mark Streeter was born and raised in Memphis, TN. He has worked in the family construction business since the age of 15, but has loved creating things since he was a small child. Mark’s paintings are Surrealistic exercises that use the human form as a jumping off point into the explorations of color and form. They are influenced by primitivism, fauve painting, and expressionism. He is invested in a tactile relationship with his paintings, and often resorts to using the most primitive tools, the hands, to leave his mark.

John Hood-Taylor was born and raised in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee—home of the Great Smokey Mountains and Dolly Parton. Five years ago he moved to Memphis to attend the College of Art. He is graduating this May with a BFA in the concentration of painting and a minor in art history. Hood-Taylor’s series’ range from social-political abstractions to non-representational experimentations of various mediums and styles. Along with his interests in art, he is also intrigued with issues concerning mediocrity, Hollywood idolatry, Congressional double-speak, and mass cultural apathy. Hood-Taylor enjoys painting images that could complement any d├ęcor, yet finds greater value in his works that express current and reoccurring problems in our society.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, March 7
Art Village Gallery
410 South Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

5pm -8pm

Programming begins at 5:30 pm.

For more information, email

Sunday, February 21 - Art Speak Photos

Raleecoh's Art! Memphis has TALENT

This is just a taste of what Art Speak had to talk about last Sunday. We look forward to new art on March 7.

If you want to be a featured artist (visual, musical or spoken), submit your bio, headshot and/or work, and your inspiration to